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Ivory and Robot by kfc79 Ivory and Robot by kfc79
Here's my entry in HyperXgirl competition. This is a competition hosted by Kingston technology. I've personally wrote them an email to reqest for posting it in gallery. They gave me a positive feedback on this and hope that I can attach a link to their website.
It started out to be modelled in 3dsmax, then later imported in to Modo for rendering. Photoshop has been use from concept stage, texturing and final touch up. Zbrush has been use in minor parts like wringkles.
Here's the describtion for my artwork :
"Ivory is a daughter of an engineers family. Just like every other engineers family, she grew up learning methods to make her own electronic gadgets, making her own sports car and modifying her own computers.She has a trendy side of her when she is out of her garage. She enjoys fashion and dressing up herself whenever she can. However, she has already bored of her life living on her own when her parents are away for business trip. On one fine day, she suddenly struck an inspiration to build an entire robot as her companion.After a tough time collecting scrap metals, old engines, computer parts and discarded electronic appliances. Ivory spent the whole weekend trying to assemble her own robot. The prototype was a total failure, it ended up only being useful just as fridge at a corner of her garage.
Ivory did not give up her ambition. She spent a few sleepless nights trying to find out the problem of her failure. It was such a daunting project. After working on the robot for a few weeks. She has finally created her very first functioning robot. However, there was still a very important element that was missing from the robot - a brain on it\'s own that can express emotions and feelings. Ivory feels she needs a companion who can be sensitive and yet caring. Out of curiosity, Ivory inserted Kingston HyperX ram in to the ram slot of the robot. To came to the surprise, the robot can express emotions. Looks like Ivory is not going to be lonely in this summer."
Here's the page for my entry. Thanks for the support.
[link] Please vote for me if you like my work. Thanks.
DennisDunjinman Featured By Owner Jun 12, 2015
Robot friend looks cumbersome, but friendly. Does he/she/it have a name?
teka21 Featured By Owner Aug 8, 2008
wow. luv the skirt
landreaumax Featured By Owner May 6, 2008
Looks like a scene from Bioshock (game). Nicely done!
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May 5, 2008
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